Chelsie N. Sargent, M.Ed., LPC-S
Chelsie N. Sargent, M.Ed., LPC-S

I've spoken in high schools and junior high schools all over the greater-Houston area and across the state of Texas. Additionally, I've been invited to speak in churches, at conferences, on university campuses, and for special interest groups on the topics of dating violence, technology safety, and bullying. All of these topics are current and relevant to the younger generations, especially in a society where technology changes everyday. Education is also crucial for older generations – parents, teachers, and youth workers in particular. I also have a passion for speaking to parents of teens and young adults, and educating them on the these topics.


Dating Violence: My presentation is catered to teenagers and young adults,

and is culturally relevant for the world they live in today. I educate on the differences between healthy and unhealthy relationships, the early warning signs of dating violence and abuse, what to do if you find yourself in an abusive relationship, and how to get help if you are in an abusive dating relationship. My presentation is customized for youth and adults.


Bullying: Bullying is rampant in our schools. My presentation addresses face-to-face bullying, cyber bullying, and what a child/teenager can do if they are being bullied. Furthermore, I teach parents how to help their children if they are bullied or are bullying and how to set healthy boundaries in their home. 


Technology Safety: In my technology safety education presentation I touch on the current issues surrounding our youth in today's ever changing world of technology. I work hard to stay up to date on the recent trends in technology to be able to present in a manner that is relevant and interactive. I enjoy speaking to both teens and adults on the issue of technology safety and how to create healthy boundaries with technology. 


Enneagram: I have recently started to educate groups on the value of 

understanding the Enneagram, a 2000 year old personality examination. The 

Enneagram is composed of nine numbers, and in my presentation/classes, I help 

individuals identify their numbers. We then explore how the knowledge of knowing their number can help them become more self-aware and interact more effectively and compassionatly with the world around them.


Public Speaking Fees: Please contact me.




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