Chelsie N. Sargent, M.Ed., LPC-S
Chelsie N. Sargent, M.Ed., LPC-S
Anger Management:
I specialize in helping individuals and families learn how to healthily manage
and cope with anger. 

Dating Violence:
I have a wide range of experience educating and helping individuals, especially teens and young adults, see the early warning signs of Dating Violence.  I work
with people who have experienced abuse in relationships, whether physical, mental, or emotional.  We build new coping skills and engage in the healing process.
This is a new hot topic among young people. I have a growing specialty in helping teens and families who struggle with ever-changing and fast-paced technology.
We will discuss how to maintain safe and healthy boundaries with computers
and cell phones.

Teenage Issues:
Teenage years are often difficult and confusing to navigate. In my office, teenagers find a safe, healthy place to explore their feelings and discover tools to help them on their journey toward adulthood.

I work with mothers and daughters who are looking for a healthier and closer relationship.

A variety of factors – including stress, hormonal changes, trauma, medical conditions, and genetic influences – can cause depression. Depression affects people of every age and background, and can provoke jarring thoughts and
feelings within. Through psycho-education and solution-oriented therapy, I assist individuals and families who struggle with depression.

Anxiety disorders are often debilitating – socially, physically, and emotionally.
In my office, we’ll endeavor to understand and unravel anxiety in constructive, healing ways.

Loss comes in many forms – loss of a loved one, loss of a job, loss of a relationship, etc. I can help offer hope and healing during times of confusion through loss. 

The above is not an exhaustive list. If there is something else on your mind that is not mentioned that you are curious about, feel free to contact me and inquire.
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